You may be astonished to see this terrific video. The man cut off the head of the fish but when he lift it up with a cloth, it scared the man. The man leaves the fish after its movement. This body was out of its head and that was dead. The man could not understand the mystery. But he must have experience of it.
Although the brain and heart are not functioning, there are cells that can still respond to stimuli, for example, added sodium. Immediately after death, muscle motor neurons which are triggered by electrical signals, still contain some membrane potential. Motor neurons is the nerves that create movement within the tissue.
All cells are polarized, which means that there is a high-to-low gradient of charged atoms or ions from inside cells to outside them. The difference between these concentrations is what creates a charge across a membrane. Neurons maintain their membrane potential by pumping out a balance of sodium and potassium ions that can run the motor nerve.
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