If anyone wants to be a perfect performer he needs to practise a lot. Bit some performances is too hard to be perfect on this. Performance on roller and board is too hard for anyone.
Here in this video, the performer shows performance on a moving round roller and a plain board. It was a talent hunter program and the judges were sitting on the front row of the stage for judging the participants. The judges and the audiences became fridge to see this type of risky performance. Everyone was splendid with such a mood that it seemed they were on the roller and can fall any time. When he came on the stage with a sword that he was moving on the air that seems to me that he is playing with a toy.
He was able to snatch the heart of the audiences and the judges. The judges were in the world of silence when he was on the roller board reversely. He acquire the reward of going next level by this performance easily.
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