A man in Guangdong province got a pair of magnets stuck on his balls.
Emergency services in Zhongshan city received a desperate cry for help. Some firefighters rushed off to the scene where they found a 45-year-old man in extreme pain. They were unable to free himself from a pair of magnets stuck to his testicles.
The man claimed that he was practicing some “magnetic therapy” and had unfortunately got his balls sandwiched and trapped between two extremely powerful magnets. When firefighters thought it will be best to take the man to the hospital.
As such situations are very rare, the firefighters and doctors were unsure on how to approach the problem at the hospital. But the man assured them not to think. after that the rescuers began setting up a hydraulic tool for the magnet separation procedure attempt. A slight problem arose when the doctors realized that there is no room for the huge hydraulic machine since the magnets were stuck too tightly.

Rescuers then sought advice from the manufacturer of the magnets on how to loosen up the magnets’ grip. While the company proposed sliding the magnets off, the doctors dismissed the idea for being too risky.
After having his testicles squished between magnets for four hours, the firefighters then realized that they could use the hydraulic cutter to break up the magnets into smaller pieces. Eventually, the man’s balls were then set free after the sensitive procedure.
He got ride of without damage in the man’s testicles after a thorough check up from the doctors.