If you watch a lot of film or TV, you probably have a pretty good idea of what prisons are like life is lived in an eight-by-ten cell with a cellmate who may or may not make you his girlfriend, a cruel, power-mad warden, a constant need to be on guard for sucker punches in the cafeteria, the exercise yard and especially the shower. When a person does something offensive or crime, she/he has to go to prison for judgement of his crime. Most of the prisons are famous for being unsanitary places with horrendous living conditions.

 A criminal has to stay here before his jail sentence. Prisons have been used for a number of purposes. They are most commonly used to jail criminals, but they have also been used to lock away political dissidents, the mentally ill, prisoners of war and even people who couldn\\\’t pay their debts.

There are many prisons in the world that are more luxurious than home. In spite of the punishments, they gets luxurious life that the human deserve from a state or country.

The prisoner gets all the facilities that he gets at home. Here in this video, you can see some of the most luxurious prisons of the world.

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