Our planet, Earth is full of weird and strange cultures. Every country has its own customs and traditions which depict the manner of thinking and way of living of the citizens. People follow daily rituals that keep them aligned and consistent and free their minds to think about more important things. But some of their habits, particularly eating habits are downright strange. You will be really surprised by this betel leaf eating method that is a popular food almost the entire India.
Fire Paan Shop that is located in Rajkot Gujarat, the province of India. Betel leaf with betel nut is a popular food in India. The owner of the shopkeeper sells ’Fire Paan’ that is very popular there and has a goodwill in this area. This paan (betel mouth freshener) has fire on it. Thought this fire paan looks fiery from outside, yet it will refresh you. He keeps some betel leaf spices in the fold of the betel leaf and pierce some cloves on it. Then he fires it and send it into the customer’s mouth. The customers tell that it is different and tasteful.
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