It feels onerous when nose becomes closed. because of getting cold phlegm accumulates inside nose. Most of the time there enhances extra flesh inside nose and the result is the blocked nose.
It is so easy to clear your nose and you may not sustain much suffering while clearing you nose. Pinch your congested nose and walk fast with your blocked nose pinched and your mouth closed all the time. While walking, you should hold your breath until a strong urge to breathe. Then sit down with your spine totally straight and focus on your breath. Take breath properly and get a good feeling of getting relieved from blocked nose.
Do not open your mouth after getting rid of blocked nose. later on you release your nose, resume your usual breathing and keep the mouth closed. Hence, instead of taking a big inhalation, take a smaller inhale and then relax all muscles for exhalation, especially the upper chest and other respiratory muscles. thus guys if you like this footage then you can share this footage among your friends, family, Facebook and twitter.