Knowing the zebra’s ancestor is similar to the horse and the donkey, both very calm animals, one might wonder how aggressive are zebras. Zebras can show aggressive behaviors. One such situation being if a predator comes near the herd. The herd works together to protect the more vulnerable, especially the young. Female zebras, mares, with become extremely aggressive if they feel like their offspring are threatened. They will kick violently at any perceived threat. They have powerful jaw that can bite anything like the crocodiles.
The shocking video has shown the moment a zoo employee was attacked by an enraged zebra and violently dragged into the bushes. A male zookeeper at the Chimelong Safari Park in Guangzhou, capital of South China’s Guangdong Province was attacked and dragged into the bushes by a raging zebra. His colleagues intervened and were able to free the man. The zookeeper was freed by the zebra within two minutes of the sudden attack. He suffered injuries to his hand from the incident.
Zebras are not considered an excessively aggressive animal, people still need to understand that they are a wild animal.
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